•  Art. Love. Hustle.

    #LoveHustle captures the pursuit of dreams and the varied dances of balancing life, love, family, relationships and work.  #LoveHustle lives as an artist-led, intersectional, multi-platform, contagious conversation.  #LoveHustle features artists as object and subject simultaneously in 13 installations curated and developed by Monica L Williams


‪#‎thecreatives‬‬ exhibition is a brand new #LoveHustle installation featuring the vibrant and soulful photography of street photographer & documentarian, Jen Diaz. The photographs are paired with critical & uplifting poems by Maya Osborne that explore elements of artist life.

Excerpts from #theCreatives exhibition is on display in the resident hallways of El Barrio's Artspace PS 109, Harlem.

  • #thecreatives installation

What's your #LoveHustle?

We see your passion, your dedication. What’s your secret? What's your strategy? Share your unique way of pursuing your dreams; attest to your #lovehustle, & join the conversation...



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