Monica Williams61118 Monica L. Williams, Creator
Monica L Williams is a curious dreamer who often wonders what humanity would be like if the majority of people were pop stars and the rest were civilians. Who wouldn’t want to see the normal everyday life of the mom drop off the kids at school, go to yoga, do laundry, paint with senior citizens and sew her daughters halloween costume all on repeat for 5 days? The norm on Fleek. She moonlights some mornings as a professor and the rest of the days as a 3 dimensional artist, which is a fancy way of saying that I like things live (or lived). LoveHustle was birthed out of talks with God, herself, friends and family about what it means to live our best life now. Yes, a metaphor to ‘the Hustle’ dance and/or being in Love and/or Tug-o-war, depending on the dream and the dreamer.

cropped-@jenfreakindiaz.jpg Jen Diaz, Artist in Residence
Jersey City-based photographer Jen Diaz has spent her time capturing music, people and life in general. With a penchant for international travel, and a love for a home-grown aesthetics. Jen’s style is best described as soulful and vibrant. She Identifies herself as a documentarian and street photographer. Armed with her camera at all times, Jen is earning her place as a loved and respected creative. All photos on the site were taken by Jen Diaz as she is planning more worldly travels for her future projects.

14184524_10154490987154993_2218279616925587319_n Maya Osborne, Producer

image2 Mahlaney Wilson, Associate Producer
Mahlaney Wilson is a conversational artist, invested in understanding the developing person and how we are meant to spark and change the world. She teaches at an after school in Crown Heights, hoping to shift the conversation with her youth from surviving to thriving. It is important to acknowledge our narratives, before we can rewrite and envision something else. Conversation is the most powerful and binding tool we have, especially in Brooklyn. Sometimes in between eating burgers and loving on la familia, you can find her planning her world takeover flaw(ed)lessly. Mahlaney is an artist, a teacher, a learner, a dreamer, but above all a Jill-of-all-trades trying to make sense of it all. Hustle Hard. Love Harder.